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About Us

Webfloor is a trademark of the company ALGERIA JRT Ltd., which was established in 2014 based on users’ requirements. The company has its seat in the Slovak Republic, a member country of the European Union. It focuses on providing digital solutions in an online environment.

Webfloor allows its partners to introduce credit/debit card purchasing to mainstream users worldwide. In addition to enhancing business growth, this solution decreases the percentage of false declined transactions, which leads to an increase in conversions. Our goal is to eliminate online payment risk and make online purchasing easy and safe for all.

Webfloor´s main partner is the company KELTA Capital Ltd., which focuses on offering computing power to scientific researchers, scholars, cryptocurrency miners and many others who might need it. Webfloor provides to this partner an online service consisting in the exchange of EUR to cryptocurrency units.

We offer an easy and safe way to purchase cryptocurrency units using credit or debit card without the need to register external crypto wallets or additional accounts.