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Easy installation!

We provide the widest offer of registering
domain names on the market.

How to Create your Website

Create a website without the knowledge of
programming, Using our intuitive tool.

Email Marketing

Creating automatic email responses
that can be customized! 

How to Make Money on the Internet?

You will get up to 20% + 5% commission
on the sale of WEBFLOOR products. 

Verified Website Templates

Your website will be properly
displayed on all devices,
including your mobile and tablet.



WEB + 
Own Domain
with Hosting
€ 29/mo.


Email marketing
20.000 mail/mo.
€ 59/mo.


Affiliate + Membership 
with Playments tracking
€ 99/mo.


You get cash from any qualified sale
via your ads.
It means making money aside.
Simply place one of our banners
to your visitors, customers and friends.


Yes, the basic How to’s are in the membership area
on our webpage webfloor.com.
Can I  BUILD MY OWN WEB  or do I need
help from a professional?
Yes, you can build your own basic website with some
webpage templates within 2 hours. The instructional
videos we created on www.webfloor.com will help you.
Can I have Webfloor on  MORE DOMAINS  ?
No. One installation of Webfloor is only for
one domain. If you want to install Webfloor on more
domains, you have to buy another installation.
Can I pay for a website  CONSULTANT  ?
I'm not sure if I can do it myself?
Yes, you can order a consultation - contact us at
 How can I log-in ?
Just click on “lost your password” button here
You will be transferred to a different page where
you can generate new password.
Does Webfloor protect my webpage
 AGAINST SPAM  and hackers ?
Yes, we protect your webpage against hackers
and your e-mail providers (Gmail, Seznam, etc)
protect you against spam.
How big can my   E-MAIL DATABASE   
on Webfloor be ?
You can have maximum of 200,000 contacts
in your Webfloor database.
Can I use Webfloor for  AFFILIATE  marketing?
Yes, if you have an advanced version of Webfloor,
you can use it for affiliate marketing, too.
We also provide affiliate marketing up to the 2nd level.
You can get a commission of 20% for every client who buys
the installation and 5% more if your client recommends
Webfloor to someone else. You can find more info in
Affiliate Terms of Use at the bottom of Webfloor webpage.
What happens if I won´t have
enough money on my card?
The payment will be automatically repeated
every 3rd, 5th and 7th day after unsuccessful
authorization. If the payment isn't received within
30 days of the month, we follow the
General Terms of Use, which you can find at
the bottom of the Webfloor webpage.
What happens if I cancel my
Webfloor subscription?
Will I completely  LOSE MY WEBPAGE  ?
Everything you created within Webloor installation
is possible to export to a different area,
which means you cannot lose your data
after some time it was cancelled ?
You cannot pause your membership on Webfloor.
You can cancel your subscription and export
all your data to a different area.
Just follow General Terms of Use .
Does Webfloor offer any kind
of webpage  TEMPLATES  ?
Everything you created within Webloor installation
is possible to export to a different area,
which means you cannot lose your data.
 WHOW MANY  webpages can I create
with Webfloor?
You will get one domain with one installation.
It is not limited how many pages
you can use under your domain
Can I have Webfloor on my  OWN DOMAIN  ?
Webfloor enables you to buy your own domain
and connect it automatically with your Webfloor
installation. In case you already have the domain,
we can connect it manually after your request.
Can you  CREATE ME  a
complete website ?
Yes, you can order it here - contact us at
Does Webfloor  BACK UP  
my webpages ?
Yes, all installations of all clients are
backed up every day.
 E-MAILS  I sent from Webfloor
have fallen into Spam ... what now?
Gmail, Seznam, and other e-mail servers
have got strict rules for bulk emails.
We offer predefined templates that eliminate this.
In case you buy a domain directly through Webfloor,
we will automatically set DKIM and SPF records
that are very important for e-mail recipients from
Gmail, Yahoo, List, etc., in addition to DNS records.
Is  AUTOMATIC DEBITIN  from my card safe?
I don't trust it much…
Yes, automatic debiting is safe.
We use a renowned company Stripe.com.
I don’t have a credit/debit card,
can I pay through a  BANK TRANSFER  ?
No. You cannot pay via bank transfer.
Where can I find my Webfloor  INVOICE  ?
You can find invoices on our web page
In the upper menu on the right click on Log-in,
type in your login and password and you will
be inside, where you can download invoices in PDF.
The name of the folder is Profile-Invoices.
How can I   UNSUBSCRIBE  ?
Follow Webfloor General Terms of Use,
which you agreed with before your purchase.
You can find General Terms of Use at the bottom
of the Webfloor webpage.
What if I buy Webfloor
and find it not suitable for me?
Will you give me my  MONEY BACK  ?
We refund the money in accordance with
the General Terms of Use you have committed
to while purchasing the Webfloor installation.
You can find the General Terms of Use
at the bottom of the Webfloor website.
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